Wood Pella Replacement Windows in a kitchen

Why Wood Replacement Windows Just Make Sense

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A person’s house is a reflection of their character, interests and style. People have their own particular vision or “look” that they picture when they are moving in to a new space or remodeling, however large or small the changes may be. Picturing yourself in a space can be one of the most effective ways to select that perfect “look” of the room and one of the most important pieces of a room’s aesthetic comes from its windows. Replacement windows give you the option to update the whole feel of a room, and one method to do that is by adding wood.

Wood windows have the ability to transform your space. They can bring warmth to rooms that seem cold or dark, but they can also offer anything from a traditional to a contemporary style, depending on your style. The best part about wood windows is that there are a variety of options on how to work with them in your space. Don’t forget—our experts can provide staining and painting of wood replacement windows, too, to finish them nicely and emphasize each grain of the wood.

In addition to beauty, wood windows provide excellent energy efficiency and can help you save money on your energy costs. Wood is a natural insulator, and can be a great addition to other energy efficient products in your home.

Some of our consumers have asked us about concerns that wood isn’t as durable as other window materials. Our Low-Maintenance Aluminum-Clad Exteriors, Pella EnduraClad®, deliver a long lasting durable finish for wood exteriors. Click here to read more about Pella’s new warranty for wood windows and patio doors.

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits of wood window replacement, just visit our showroom in Falls Church or schedule a free in-home consultation for us to help you meet your home’s needs and accentuate its style. The elegance of wood windows is not something to overlook when contemplating window replacement and our experts at Pella Windows and Doors want to make sure that your home reflects your character in the best way possible. Call our experts at 301-354-3689 and we’ll find the best match for your budget and style.